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Quarantine Fumigation Agro Chemicals

Pakistan, Sindh
Published 7 months ago
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Quarantine Fumigation Agro Chemicals
Pakistan, Sindh - views : 433x
Published 7 months ago
Quarantine Fumigation Agro Chemicals
Welcome To Rabka Fumigation Services In Karachi
Termite Damage:
Literally throughout the world, termite cause severe damage to houses, factories and rest of the structures, particularly where wood (cellulose) is used. Unfortunately, however, its presence is realized only when much of the damage has already been wrecked. Cellulose - a primary content of wood, paper, card and sometimes of carpets and rest of the wood derivatives forms the favorite food of termite. Its said that termite cause more damage than all the storms in a year.

Termite Colony:
Termite exist and maintain a full scale colony with very well defined division of labor. They live in colonies where the number of colony members can exceed up to five (5) million and even more. Queen forms the centre of colony which is in turn supported by the king, workers, soldiers, reproductives and swarmers etc.

Signs of Identification:
Any mud tunnel in your structure is a clear indiction of termite infestation. However, any damage to wood is only identified when it has already been caused.

Termite proofing in a constructed place:
Holes are drilled distance of 6” from the walls with inter hole distance of 2’-21/2’. Chemical is injected with pressure machines with the maximum pressure of 150 psi. Afterwards, these holes are filled with cement paste. Every effort is made to color match with the floor color.

Where is Fumigation necessary?
All houses, stores houses, bakeries, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels etc. must go through the process of fumigation time to time, depending upon the nature and condition of the place and possibility of pest infestation and development.
As fumigation is directly performed in the areas which are in direct contract with humans and animals, therefore, only WHO approved chemicals and application methodologies are used.

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We are specialized in Heat and Waterproofing, Fumigation, Water Tank Leakage, Basement and Bath Services providing the most suitable, long lasting Heat proofing solutions for individual as well as corporate customers in Pakistan. Precise information about their requirements is the foundation where targets are set, and the optimal solution agreed and provided. Water Seal Chemical Service has been founded having a future emphasis and a desire of rising in the ladder of the top waterproofing contractors delivering service

Our water tank cleaning specialist company provides professional water tank cleaning services for all types of water storage tanks of buildings in Karachi such as pressed all types of water tanks.

Our Customer Representative is with you 24 Hours a Day 7 Day a week.
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